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(02SEP2013) ARMALIVE Is Ready For ArmA 3
(2011 Archive) First Update For ALS
It's been many months since we started creating ArmA Live Statistics. With development of required resources and real life constraints it's been quite the challenge. We hope you like the new upgrades and we appreciate feedback.


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(30OCT2011) ARMALIVE is Operational Again
ALS has recently seen plenty downtime related to server maintenance. It's now back up. Today, we have also cleaned out the database so everything starts from 0 again. Since we've had a couple weeks downtime, with no stats recording, it was just as well to do it now.

Update: During redeployment, an under-development (incomplete) function had snuck in, and prevented data recording. This is now fixed.
(30JUL2011) Database Wiped
After testing and many major bug fixes, the database was wiped clean on 30 JUL 2011. This database will remain intact until a major update requires us to wipe it again. As of 1 AUG 2011, there are over 300 unique players stored within the ALS master database.

We would like to thank the guys at for making this possible. We are currently seeking more servers or tournaments to setup bStats missions and connect to ALS.
(2011 Archive) Stats Feeding to ALS
ArmA Live Statistics is now operational as a beta. Check out the ALS website, where player stats are now being displayed. If you are interested in playing some games where your stats are tracked, join the ALS server at any time. Be advised, these stats can and will be wiped at any time until we are out of beta.

We are still looking for more developers, contributers, and testers at CAS. Feel free to join the Conflict Arising Studios Teamspeak 3 server at anytime or send an email here. The TS3 information is listed below.

Port: 9987
No Password
(2011 Archive) ArmA Live Under Construction
ArmA Live Statistics is currently under construction. In-game stats are feeding to the master database thanks to Mahuja's hard work. However a few things need tweaking before we officially release to the public. It is recommended that you download and install SPY bStats to your missions now rather then later. Also, if you wish to run a ranked ALS server, please make a post in our forums here using the following format. A username and password will be generated for you.

Admin Names:
Contact Information:
Server Name:
Server Slots:
Server Specs: